Demo Contract

Work Details: (To be completed by Company)

Personal Details:

Emergency Contact Details:

Bank Account Details:

You authorize BIG BULL MOVERS PTY LTD to submit payment for work completed and any reimbursements to the account below

Please enter your signature on a blank paper, you may then take a photo of it & upload.

Fatigue Management:

Please note the risk of breaching the fatigue management rules carries a great deal of risk to yourself and others. You must always comply with these and other rules. Breach of the rules will incur penalties. Please refer to the details of such penalties at:

Our Fatigue Policy requires a minimum of a 30Min break for working between 4hrs 59min and 9hrs 59 mins and a 1-hour break if working longer than 9-hour 59mins. Or the statutory breaks, whichever is greater.

I Have been inducted into the company’s fatigue management, health and safety policies and procedures and understand my role as an employee/contractor regarding my obligations.

Company Asset Responsibility

I the undersigned acknowledges that while I am working for Ozie Services PTY LTD, I will take proper care of all company equipment that I am entrusted with. I further understand that upon termination, I will return all property and that the property will be returned in proper working order.

I understand that I may be held financially responsible for the loss or damage of the properties. This agreement includes, but is not limited to;

Item Description/Comments Loss/Damage Fee
Eftpos (POS) Machine $1,000
Customer Sign Off Sheet $50
Customer Satisfaction Poster $50

We also confirm that we have received full training and will adhere to the training and safety instructions to execute the work safely and securely.