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Interstate Removalists

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Budget-Friendly & Trusted Interstate Removalists in Melbourne

Relocating interstate is no mean task, as it involves a lot of planning and management. The good news is that it can all be a seamless experience when you are assisted by a team that knows exactly what they are doing. It is where we come in! Big Bull Movers are the preferred interstate movers and relocation professionals.

No matter where you are, and no matter where you want to move, Big Bull Movers can help you with a proactive planning and strategic approach. With an experience of 15+ years, we are termed as the affordable and best interstate removalists in Melbourne. Our team not only handles your relocation but also supervises you with documentation and paperwork, packing, safely moving valuables, furniture and fixtures to the transit truck, transport and efficient unloading and unpacking.

We understand your requirements and concerns and tailor a bespoke affordable interstate removalist in Melbourne plan to suit you. On the moving day, we handle things smoothly and let you focus on other things that matter.

We are 100% dedicated to providing the best professional and economical interstate removalist in Melbourne to ensure you have a hassle-free move. If you are looking for a competitive interstate removalist in Melbourne, feel free to contact Big Bull Movers on 1300 521 333 and get free quotes and discuss your moving requirements.

Incredible Benefits of Choosing Big Bull Movers as Interstate Removalists in Melbourne

While choosing the best interstate removalists in Melbourne, you always look for the best benefits you will get from them. At Big Bull Movers, we always put our customers first and provide them with the best advantages and hassle-free interstate removalists in Melbourne.

  • Professional resources to provide you with the best packaging outcomes that put your belongings safe and secured.
  • We provide you with full insurance for all your belongings so that you get the best hassle-free interstate moving results.
  • Our team consists of a highly experienced team dedicated to providing you with the most satisfying results.
  • We offer you stress-free moving services from packaging your belongings proficiently to delivering and unpacking your belongings at your new place.
  • Our team follows a proactive planning and strategic approach to give you the best interstate removalists in Melbourne.

Why Choose Big Bull Movers – The Best Interstate Removalists in Melbourne?

Choosing the best interstate removalists in Melbourne is a challenging task, and you have to look at various parameters to get the best job done. At Big Bull Movers, we provide you with professional and stress-free interstate removalists in Melbourne that will give you the utmost satisfaction.

Planning and Strategic Approach

With long years of expertise in this field, our team follows a professional planning and strategic approach that gives you the best outcomes. Our highly experienced team not only focuses on the relocation of your belongings but also provides you with enhanced safety so that you get stress-free results to focus on other important work.

Professional Packaging

We contain the best material for packaging to provide our clients with the best safety on the go. Our team is highly experienced in packaging your material proficiently, so your belongings will never be damaged, and you will witness the best results. If you are looking for professional interstate furniture removalists in Melbourne or trusted and inexpensive interstate removalists in Melbourne, then choosing Big Bull Movers will always give you the best outcomes that you are looking for.

Are you looking for the best interstate removalists in Melbourne to get professional moving services? If yes, Big Bull Movers will provide you with the most satisfying interstate moving services in Melbourne. Contact us today to know more.

Disclaimer: The above services shall be performed and completed adhering to the law of Australia including the Directions of Border Crossing and Work Permit regulations, and the parties hereby submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of Magistrates’ Court of Victoria.


Big Bull Movers ensures a stress-free interstate move with optimised planning and management. There are many things to organise, and we are with you every step of the way. When it comes to office moves, we strive to accomplish the action with minimal interference to your business schedule. As we have regional knowledge and expertise in moving and logistics, we offer a seamless interstate moving experience. If you are looking for professional and trusted Melbourne interstate removalists, choosing Big Bull Movers – the best interstate removalists in Melbourne will always give you the best outcomes.

When you approach us to manage your move, we will note the volume of valuables, your proposed timeline and specific requests, and customise an efficient moving plan with step by step progress.



Interstate move requires various paperwork and documentation. Each state in Australia has its laws and regulations when it comes to interstate removalists in Melbourne. As we have been working extensively with coast to coast relocation, our team is familiar with legal requirements, routes and paperwork required for an interstate move. Moving your car or moving a pet, we can assist in filing paperwork and managing documentation.

We also assist you with the paperwork required for address change in drivers licence, postal address and tax return. We are on hand to help you with any ambiguity or queries you might have concerning documents required for your interstate moves.


We understand that your valuables carry an emotional worth and handle them with precision and care. We have comprehensive public liability insurance and transit insurance. Though we take proper precautions and care, accidental damages beyond our control do happen. We can guide you on choosing excellent moving insurance and wondering why you need moving insurance?

When it comes to interstate movers in Melbourne, external agencies might handle your items like customs. While in their custody, your items are beyond our range of control and may be damaged. So, it is ideal to have adequate insurance in place to safeguard your valuables.


We give you the freedom to choose the pace of moving. We are ready to start packing a week in advance or on the moving day. Our team has adequate expertise and experience in handling and packing your valuables safely. They can dismantle and pack your furniture and fixtures with effortless ease. Top priority is given to your essential documents and fragile items. We are committed to provide you with professional interstate furniture removalists in Melbourne to provide you with exceptional outcomes.

We provide you with customised reinforced storage boxes and packing materials on request. We arrange and label the boxes for convenient loading, unloading and arrangement.

Expert Team And Sophisticated Fleet

We have handpicked a professional team to simplify your interstate movers in Melbourne and train them regularly to manage all your moving needs. They can help you with precise packing, handling furniture, maneuvering to the truck, careful unloading, unpacking and arranging. If you are stuck with interstate move procedures, paperwork and documentation, there will be one on hand to assist efficiently.

House move or office move, we have a high-end fleet of vans and trucks to suit your needs. They are equipped with GPS and high suspension. Fitted with safety tackles, moving equipment and supplies, they are the perfect fit to transport all your valuables safely. We service our fleet at periodic intervals to ensure high standards.

Dedicated Customer Service

We put our customers first! Interstate removals in Melbourne take a slightly more extended period, and it is natural for you to feel worried about entrusting your treasured valuables to us. You will be assigned a moving manager, who will be on hand to assist you till your moving process is complete. You will be kept in the loop every step with regular updates on Email/SMS

We have an efficient customer service team available 24/7 to answer all your queries and address your concerns. This dedicated customer-focused approach ensures that all your complaints and problems are resolved promptly.


We simplify your interstate removals in Melbourne with an assured approach. Whatever your needs, we strive to arrange a customised plan to fit. Our service doesn’t stop with packing, transit and unloading. We can unpack and organise your valuables in your new abode to save your time. As most furniture and fixtures are dismantled for ease of transport, putting them back is bound to take time. Our team can fix and arrange them in your new abode.

Moving to a new place is daunting! We act as a solid support system and let you focus on the comfort of your family in an unfamiliar place. We unpack with minimal supervision and interference to you.


We offer you interim or periodic storage, depending on your requirements. We have spacious storage bays with CCTV cameras and state the art fire protection system. They are manned 24/7 and are temperature controlled. We are ready to offer you storage at short notice. Talk to our team for more information on storage costs and insurance cover.

In case your new premises are not ready at the end of the move, we will deliver your valuables to our warehouse in that state. We can organise redelivery at your convenience.