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Big Bull Movers are the best furniture removalists in Melbourne. Furniture removals is a significant part of the relocation process, and when done without expertise, it might even lead to injuries. House move or office move, entrust your furniture removals to us, sit back and relax. We will tailor you a customised furniture removals plan. We ensure that your search for the best and professional furniture removalists in Melbourne ends when you meet us.

Moving furniture is a highly stressful job. We want to ensure that all your furniture arrives at yournew location safe and protected. Big Bull Movers provide you with the best and affordable furniture removals in Melbourne, ensuring the safety of all your worldly possessions. People are often confused about deciding where to start because there are so many options available for furniture removalists in Melbourne. With over ten years of experience, Big Bull Movers are highly committed to providing you with the most affordable furniture moving solutions.

House move or office move, entrust your furniture removals to us, sit back and relax. We will tailor you a customised furniture removals plan that will offer your incredible outcomes. With long years of expertise in this field, we always believe in serving our clients with the best and budget-friendly furniture removalists in Melbourne western suburbs.

Our professional team has years of experience in handling various types of furniture. Special care is extended to antique furniture and fixtures. We come equipped with tools to dismantle large furniture, trolleys, dolly and moving tackles.

Our highly-skilled, professional and customer friendly team expertise in what they do. Whether it’s directing a weirdly shaped lounge through a doorway or providing adequate equipment to transport different sized items, you can sit back and relax knowing your furniture is in the right hands. We are 100% dedicated to providing the best, professional and inexpensive furniture removalist in Melbourne to ensure you have a hassle-free move.

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We follow a step by step plan to ensure effective furniture removals.

  • We inspect your furniture to ensure that there are no scratches or damages. Any such issues are brought to your notice before we start packing them.
  • We inspect your furniture to ensure that there are no scratches or damages. Any such issues are brought to your notice before we start packing them
  • We check the structure and sturdiness of furniture and pay special attention to flimsy parts. We use moving blankets for extra protection during transit.
  • We dismantle large furniture and fixtures, wrap the parts individually and transport them with adequate protection.
  • We carry the furniture out of the premises without damaging the pieces, walls or premises, and arrange them securely in the truck.
  • We unload, unpack, assemble and arrange the furniture as per your specifications.

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Suitable Moving Gears

We have a broad range of moving gears for a secure transfer and transport of furniture. We have dolly, shifting tackles, dismantling tools, moving blankets and cushions. If your requirement is unique, we are ready to source and hire specialised equipment for an optimised move as per customer’s request. Our experts possess in-depth understanding and skills to handle moving equipment with precision and care.

Our Professionals

Our strength depends on our expert team. With years of experience and expert skills, they simplify your furniture removals. They understand your requirements, and ensure complete peace of mind by offering a personalised service with an amicable attitude. They go through rigorous training, and are equipped to manage all kinds of moves.

Unpacking And Reassembly

Our responsibility doesn’t end with just delivering your furniture to your new premises. We unpack and arrange them as per your specifications. For dismantled furniture – we unpack the individual parts, assemble them, test for loose parts and place them securely. Working efficiently with minimal interference, we transform your new premises into a warm living space!

Secure Packing

We understand that your furniture holds a special place in your heart, and make sure that you enjoy them for years to come! We dismantle large furniture and wrap up individual parts securely, for ease of access. We use customised packing solutions to secure your furniture and fixtures.

Antique Furniture

Antique furniture reflect rich heritage and culture, and deserve royal treatment. Having an antique expert as part of our team, we understand that one wrong move can irrevocably damage your furniture. So, we pay special attention. We are also available to do a home visit per customers request to study the nature of your antique furniture, and devise an appropriate moving plan to fit.

Moving Furniture

Furniture and fixtures are bulky and oddly shaped. Shifting and maneuvering them to the transit truck is a huge responsibility. Our team can accomplish this with effortless ease, without damage to the furniture or the interiors/exteriors of premises. We can securely shift furniture from top floors, with dolly and shifting tackles.