Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

1. Obligations and Warranties

1.1 Information supplied by you
We have relied upon the information supplied by You, (i.e. Date, Addresses & Contact
Number). You warrant that the information that You have provided us is correct.
1.2 Owner or authorised agent
You warrant that You are the owner of the Goods, or authorised to act on behalf of the
1.3 Presence at loading/ unloading
It is agreed that no inventory of the goods being moved may be taken. The pre-existing
condition of any goods will be verbally agreed upon. In order to agree on these
arrangements, You will ensure that You or your appointed adult representative is present at
all times during loading and unloading in all situations. Where You or your representative
leave for any amount of time, We will not repair or compensate for any damage. You or Your
authorised representative must be present at all locations to sign and review any document
provided by Us.
1.4 Fragile goods
You will verbally inform us of goods prior to the commencement of the removal which is of a
fragile or brittle nature and is not readily apparent as such and any special precautions that
should be taken when carrying those goods that we cannot reasonably be expected to be
aware of.
1.5 Goods left behind or moved in error
It is Your responsibility to ensure that all goods to be removed are uplifted by Us and that
none is taken in error. The vehicle is to be inspected by You or your authorised
representative at the completion of the service as claims for missing items will not be
1.6 Mode of carriage
We shall be entitled to carry the goods by any reasonable route (having regard to all the
circumstances including the nature and destination of any goods being carried on the
vehicle) and by any reasonable means.
1.7 Awkward Access
Any awkward access such as; a Narrow alley/hallway, Narrow stairs, or parking restrictions
must be advised at the time of booking. Our teams carry no responsibility and are not
insured to remove fittings such as windows/doors due to inadequate access to move the
furniture. If a specialist is required then it should be organised by You.

1.8 Delivery
We shall not be bound to deliver the goods except to You or a person authorised by You to
receive the goods. If We cannot deliver the goods either because there is no authorised
person there to receive them on Our arrival or because we cannot gain access to the
premises, or for any other reason beyond our control, we will be entitled to unload the goods
into a warehouse, and we will be entitled to charge an additional amount for storage and for
the subsequent re-delivery of the goods. If this happens, we will endeavour to contact You to
ascertain whether You have alternate instructions. Any addition onto the duration of the
move is outside of our control includes but not limited to; keys handover, weather, and traffic
will be Your responsibility to pay.

2. Charges and payments

2.1 Delays
Although we will try our best to arrive between the provided time frame, this is only an
estimate and delays due to traffic conditions, road repairs, selection of routes and the like,
vehicle breakdowns, and other scenarios out of our control are inherent in the furniture
removal industry. We will not be liable for any loss or damage or consequential loss as a
result of our being delayed for any reason other than factors within our control.
2. 2 Cancellations or alterations
If a date for performance by Us of any services is agreed upon and You require the date to
be cancelled or altered within 7 days of the job, the booking deposit will be retained to
endure the loss or additional expense occasioned by such alteration or unavailability.
2.3 Lien of goods until payment is received
All goods being moved shall be subject to a general lien for any outstanding monies owed by
You. Should circumstances arise that make it reasonable to conclude that You are unwilling
or unable to pay any due charges in the required form or at the required place or time, We
reserve the right to retain or refuse delivery of any goods or to re-enter Your premises and
seize some or all of the goods delivered. Where payment is not received within fourteen
days, We reserve the right to dispose of the goods in lieu of payment.
2.4 Payment Terms
We accept payments via bank transfers and all major credit cards which have a 1.8%
surcharge applicable to BIG BULL MOVERS PTY LTD. Payment must be made upon
completion of the work and we reserve the right to request at any earlier stage if deemed
necessary by Us. In the event that payment has not been made by You upon completion of
the work or by the date advised; and, goods are not seized in lien of payment, We reserve
the right to issue an administration fee of $45 for every day the amount owed remains
unpaid. Unpaid bills will be referred to a Debt Collection Agency. In the instance that payment is late,
a payment agreement has not been adhered to or the customer has not responded to our
reasonable attempts to make contact, we will refer the debt to a collection agency. The
customer will be liable for all costs incurred through the debt recovery process.
2.5 Parking infringements
In the event that it is deemed necessary to park in an area where there is a possibility of
being issued a parking infringement, You will be verbally notified. You have the option of
paying any infringement issued or instructing Us to park further away, therefore, bearing the
additional cost of any extra time taken at the completion of the service.
2.6 Tolls
The charges of using a Tollway will be your responsibility, unless your request to not use the
tollway is stated in writing.
2.7 Right to Subcontract
We may use a Subcontractor or Subcontractors to undertake the whole or any part of the
Services, but if We do so, the conditions still apply.
3. Exclusions & Responsibilities
We will not be liable for any loss, damage, or delay resulting from any cause beyond our

3.1 Damages

3.1.1 If the goods sustain damage by reason of defective or inadequate packing or
unpacking We will not be liable.
3.1.2 Certain goods (including but not limited to, electrical and mechanical appliances,
computer equipment, scientific instruments, certain musical instruments, and furniture made
of pressed wood) are inherently susceptible to suffering damage or disorder being moved no
matter how carefully they are handled. We will not be liable in respect of these items.
3.1.3 Where the existing condition/circumstances of an item OR a particular direction or
instruction contravenes our normal workmanship standards, SO THAT damage to that
particular item MAY be unavoidable. It will be verbally agreed between you and us relating to
an existing condition/circumstances of an item and hence We will not be liable in respect of
these items.
3.1.4 Where the damage arises from conditions or things that are not known to us, for
example from a defect to either goods or property that is not immediately obvious, including
pre-wrapped goods, We will not be liable.
3.1.5 We will not be liable for internal damage to electrical goods where we have caused no
external damage, as some items may develop unavoidable faults, or if adequate packing is not done by you.
3.1.6 Where the damage to an item of property is of a cosmetic nature such as surface dents
or scratches, We will not be liable.
3.1.7 Where You or a person with Your agreement participates in the move, We are not liable
for any damage not caused by Us
3.1.8 In the event that damage to goods arises from the transport vehicle being damaged by
fire, flood, collision, or overturning, and We are compensated by Our insurer for the damage
to Your goods, You may be compensated but only to the extent, We are paid compensation
by Our insurer for Your goods.
3.1.9 Where an item is part of a pair, set, suite, or collection of items, repair or compensation
will only be extended to the proportionate part of the pair, set, suite or collection of items
regardless of any special value the damaged or lost part may have as part of such a pair,
set, suite or collection of items.
3.1.10 Fragile Items, includes but is not limited to; picture glass, mirrors, table tops, glass
cabinets, marble, granite, composite or similar items.
3.2 Client’s Liability
3.2.1 All goods are prepared for transit prior to our arrival, including but not limited to;
remove any loose shelves from units/cabinets, empty & Defrost your Fridge/Freezers,
Secure & Pack any Fragile Items, Tape or lock all drawers/doors to prevent them from
opening mid-move, Vacate Hallways to prevent any tripping or damage, Secure electronics
such as; TV’s with their original box or bubble, all appliances are dry and clean and have no
fluid residual present.
3.2.2 Ensure any permissions, approvals, permits or any form of authorization required to
conduct the move is obtained by the You before hand.
3.3 Excluded From Standard Services
3.3.1 Our teams are equipped with standard tools and are only authorised to dismantle and
reassemble standard items such as bed frames, any item which requires special tools will be
the client’s liability to organise.
3.3.2 Detach, re-connect, dismantle or re-assemble amenities, installations, fittings,
equipment, garden appliances and furniture.
3.4 Restricted Goods
The following goods are not to be moved by Us and the transport must be arranged by You separately;

3.4.1 Corrosive, flammable and explosive items, which may include radioactive materials,
poisons and compressed gases. These dangerous items are not allowed due to the safety
3.4.2 Perishable Goods and any flammable items, including but not limited to Petrol, motor
oil, matches, aerosols, propane cylinders, lighter fluid and nail polish removers.
3.4.3 Any Pets
3.4.4 Any valuable goods, including but not limited to; computers, laptops, tablets, family
jewellery, cash, financial, personal and confidential documents, cheque books, credit cards, Medicine and prescriptions.

4. Notification of Damages
Must report any damage before completion;

4.1 As the existing condition of the goods is subject to a verbal agreement, You must inspect
all the goods as they are unloaded and/ or relocated and any damage considered to have
been caused by Us must be reported to Us before completion. No claim will be accepted for
any damage discovered after we leave the property.
4.2 In lieu of repairing goods, We have the option to compensate You for the value of the
damaged goods prior to the damage occurring.

5. Termination

5.1 We reserve the right to deny the removals and moving if the movers deems not safe or
for any other reasons whatsoever.
5.2 We can cancel the booking at any time if you are not willing to cooperate or we have an assumption that you might not pay.

6. Subject to Change

We may change these terms and conditions at any time without notification.

7. Jurisdiction

The law which governs this agreement will be the law of the state of Victoria, Australia.terms-and-conditions